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The wiki is now ready.Here is the link.


How to…..

This a how to do things document,simple instructions to make this fun for everyone.

How to submit a tutorial

-Visit our forums here:http://designrules.uservoice.com/forums/83939-codeigniter-starter-kit-features

and choose a topic you wanna write about.Include a good documentation,your name(if you so wish,nicknames,codeigniter usernames or even twitter usernames are allowed).If you attribute the tutorials source code to another developer,make sure you include who authored it first and the license too if its available.If its your code,indicate that.

-If need be,i will email you if i need more details on your code,to aid in the end documentation for instance.

Sending Your Code and Documentation

-Send your compressed package to objectiveme [at] zoho.com

Final Documentation

-I will host each and every documentation on a zoho wiki which i will be making public very soon{as soon as am done setting it up,in case you are wondering}

::»This Document is not even nearly done,so you may wanna come back some other time,as the project grows.

Thank you.

Behold,The User Voice Forum

Head for http://designrules.uservoice.com/forums/83939-codeigniter-starter-kit-features  and begin discussing various ideas or an idea you support and wanna add to it.

Important Links and sources

I am setting up a uservoice account and once that is complete,a post will surely follow.This page is a log of all contributors.




Add ‘Codeigniter Starter Kit' As A Friend



Codeigniter Starter Kit:The RoadMap


-Store language lines in the database

-Switch language via a drop down menu
-Click icon to switch language

-Click on language text link to switch language
-User to choose his/her own default language inside the user account;user preferences are stored in the database
-Admin to set the default app language
-Admin can switch the language of the admin section by setting his admin side default language or via a drop down switch

::Templating - Ocular

-A user to set his/her own default  template in the user account.Preferences to be stored in the database
-A user can switch the template via a drop down
-Admin to set the default template for the app

::Chain Selects

::Images CRUD - +Thumbnail creator + Jquery image viewer(s)

::Audio CRUD - +Audio player

::Video CRUD - +Video player

::Compressed Files CRUD - +A files browser

::Documents CRUD - +A document viewer

::Light weight WYSIWYG editor with a codehighlighter - +A way of disabling codehiglighter

::Bad words filter for the WYSIWYG editor

::Codeigniter Captcha

::Database driven charts with chain selects

::Multi step forms

::Live validation of forms

::Export various document types

::Ordinary codeigniter pagination

::Jquery powered pagination

::Paypal subscription manager

::Sell downloads with paypal

::A shopping cart with paypal for checkout

::Advertisements system with adrotator

::Open ID

::Ssl for your application

::Datamapper overzealous edition

::Ion auth

::User preferences

And we are on

The repo is now ready.Am creating a road map now.

Github Link: http://github.com/objectiveME/Codeigniter-Starter-Kit

Gathering friends and code

I am currently gathering code to help me build a code collection similar to python’s pinax project but more documented.All the code will be complete everyday code like image uploading,shopping cart,templating etc.I plan to harvest the code from the codeigniter website and from friends all over the world.

I will set up the github page and set the ground rules for contributing.

Good day.

About the image:From Rammstein links music video.

Isn’t it great what ordinary people can do in the face coding giants who wont explain concepts very clearly!

The Customer in mind;extreme programming

I hate starting things from scratch or having so many things to remember,especially code.With little bits of codeigniter code,i have realised that,small can actually add up to very huge on very short notice.

Many a times,a customer will come a long with a long list of things he/she wants done in a weekend.What can one person do?.

Well,i have recently started a small project to come up with my own small “organized code” - (not a framework or anything very awesome),just code i factored out for rapid application development.Here is the whole list.

  • Ad Rotation System
  • Admin side template editor
  • A CDN(Content Delivery Network) API
  • An API possibly with a php client library powered by Oauth
  • A data backup system
  • A bad words filter
  • A blog application
  • Blueprint CSS (A css framework of your choice)
  • Capistrano (Get capistrano from capify and install it on your server)
  • Cms pages with multiple categories
  • Captcha(I prefer codeigniter captcha)
  • Chain select - DB
  • Configs - DB stored
  • Chain select - Non DB
  • Charts
  • Clickable switch language
  • Clickatell sms - (Gmail offers free sms,but am not sure they have an Api for free sms)
  • Cloud services unavailable fallbacks - What happens to your app if recaptcha was your only captcha system and for one day recaptcha was unavailable;lawyers and more lawyers.
  • Codeigniter wordpress helper
  • Cron jobs
  • CRUD - Video
  • CRUD - Audio
  • CRUD - Images
  • CRUD - Compressed Files
  • CRUD - Documents
  • Css styles - This will be useful if you are starting a new design
  • DB -routes
  • DMZ(DataMapper Overzealous Edition) - There are choices available in codeigniter,pick yours
  • Document viewer with google - I am not yet sure about this,but am gonna look around but if you must have your own scribd style viewer,just google it and a postscript viewer will pop up somewhere:http://flexpaper.devaldi.com/
  • Domain selling API
  • Downloads
  • Downloads for sale with paypal
  • Editable grid
  • Email
  • Facebook
  • Ffmpeg
  • Flash content with codeigniter
  • Google analytics
  • Google maps
  • Gravatar
  • Help and support(Ticket system and help pages)
  • Ion auth - There are choices
  • Ion auth - Entire controller protector Erkana Auth style
  • Javascript inside codeigniter controllers - Bambooinvoice has a cute implementation of this
  • Jquery forms plugin
  • Jquery media player - Play audio and video
  • Language lines in the DB
  • Language switch chain select implementation
  • Live support
  • Live validation
  • Mail chimp
  • Mobile friendly app - Make your app mobile device friendly
  • MochaUI - or whatever suits you
  • Moneybookers API codeigniter implementation
  • Multiple templates - I use ocular for my templating solution;pick yours
  • Multistep forms - i.e forms used during setup
  • Notifications - have a way of issuing notifications for your app for instance;scheduled maintainance,new messages for the user,generally like the FB type notifications
  • OpenID - There are great implementations of delegated login,but one way or the other,they pretty do much the same;pick yours, you are spoilt for choice;make sure you have your fallbacks for Armageddon God forgbid
  • Pagination - make sure you grasp the art of paginating
  • Paypal
  • Paypal subscription manager
  • Print views - remember to have a way of displaying print friendly views
  • Private messaging
  • Robo Help API - I am not sure(haven’t searched for ROBO help API but if there isn’t one,have a do it yourself interactive help;this will win hearts)
  • Search and indexing system
  • Settings - DB stored
  • Shopping cart
  • Ssl
  • Twitter
  • Unzip,unrar,un-‘what else that is compressed’
  • Upgrade system
  • User and Admin Default Language and Template Stored in the DB
  • User tracking
  • W3 validator
  • Web hosting API(If you are hosting on your VPS,automate your process)
  • WYSIWYG editor with syntax highlighting and other things important to you;should be flexible too
  • XLS,PDF,CSV and other document types export

If you have your own documented way of doing all the above things,your projects will be fun to do and take less of your time.

Codeigniter 2.0

Wow,after months of indecision on my part,i have finally settled whole heartedly on codeigniter.Many articles on codeigniter,some good,some needing Jesus, really got me thinking.At the end of the day,if you are in business,good readable code is not something you can take for granted.

I would therefore conclude that codeigniter compared to other really great frameworks works best for me.





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